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Lucy Neatby DVDs - Knitting Gems 1-4

  • Applied Edges, Buttonhole Essentials,
    I-cord Basics, Cords, Braids and Bobbles and Presenting the Picot Family
  • Becoming Ambidextrous!, Steeks, Shaping, Scissors, The Mysterious Gully, Cords, Braids and Bobbles, Short Row Techniques and Twists, Kinks and Bias
  • Beading Techniques, Cable Talk, Lace Basics and Yarn Handling Tricks
  • Cool Cast-Ons, Fancy Bind-Offs, Even More Increases, Odds and Ends
  • Running Time: +7 hours of instruction!
  • See Also Knitting Gems 1,
    Knitting Gems 2, Knitting Gems 3 and Knitting Gems 4 to purchase DVDs individually

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