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"Oh my goodness. Having my own Knitter's Block has changed my life! I love it! The best thing I've bought in 2008 so far.."
Tanis Gray - Yarn Editor, Soho Publishing

Knitter's Block Kit

"I used to demonstrate blocking with pieces of carpet, but carpet scorched easily and was too thin for blocking pins to sink into. Rugs, towels and bulky blocking boards weren’t much better.
With this in mind, I set out to improve on the carpet pieces. I eventually had special tiles custom made for blocking, and the end result is my Knitter’s Block kit."
      - Julie W., Knitter's Block Creator
Kit Contains:
  • An Instruction Pamphlet
  • Nine 12" Sq Interlocking Tiles
  • 20 T-Pins in a Handy Container
  • A Lint-Free 100% Egyptian Cotton Pressing Cloth
  • A Sturdy & Stylish Reusable Bag
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