"Knitwhits kits may win the prize in the category of cute, fun things to knit.. Cotton hats, wool hats, purses, scarves, flowers, cat toys and even knit bikinis; requiring skill levels from beginning to advanced; felted and not felted - there's something here to appeal to every knitter."
Edie Eckman - Creative Knitting
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Basic Felting Instructions:
If felting by machine, first be sure to use a top-loading machine for proper felting (a front loading machine will not provide sufficient agitation). Set machine to hot, add detergent and item(s) and begin wash cycle. Reset machine to beginning of wash cycle prior to start of rinse cycle as many times as necessary to achieve desired size and texture. You may want to include a pair of jeans or something similar to the cycle for a better effect. Remove items prior to start of rinse cycle and rinse by hand. (If you prefer very fuzzy felted knits, leave items in machine through entire cycle).

If felting by hand, place items in hand-hot soapy water and knead as you might a loaf of bread. You will feel a change in the texture of the yarn as it begins to felt. (This may take about 10 minutes of kneading). Pieces will begin to shrink as the fibers condense and become felted. You can halt the felting process immediately by rinsing in cold water. Once desired size and density are reached, rinse out well in cool water and gently squeeze out excess moisture.

Blot with a towel, reform to desired shape and allow to air dry.